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Advantages of Bio-organic Fertilizers

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What are the advantages of using organic fertilizer? Soil Structure. Because of the organic matter present in organic fertilizer, soil structure is improved

Advanced bio-organic fertilizer production line can process high-quality bio organic fertilize with many advantages. the simple groove turning machine is the important equipment in the compost fermentation process of bio organic fertilizer raw materials.

Advantages of bio-organic fertilizer . Bio-organic fertilizer definition: Adding functional beneficial bacteria into compost to ferment into bio-organic fertilizer . Advantages of bio-organic fertilizer . 1.Protect environment. Decrease air and water pollution . 2.Improve crop yield and quality. Organic matter of bio-organic fertilizer is released into crop directly and slowly.

Jul 09, 2018· The slow, gradual and natural release of nutrients is one of the great advantages of organic fertilizer. This natural release of elements means that there is a lower risk of too much fertilization and damage to the health of the soil. You will also have to apply fertilizers less frequently, which will reduce your expenses.

The Importance of Bio- organic Fertilizer: Due to heavy and indiscriminate application of chemical fertilizers without paying attention to the application of organic fertilizers, the lack of soil organic matter has led to the decline of soil fertility, which has become an important limiting factor affecting the sustainable development of agriculture, the stable and high yield of crops.

After the organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, the organic matter can effectively improve the soil physiochemical properties & biological characteristics, and cultivate the soil, thus enhancing the capacity of providing and retaining fertilizer, and creating good soil conditions for the growth of the crop.

Key Advantages of Biofertilizers helping make plant nutrients more available to the plants, the production of plant hormones, biofertilizers are cost effective when compared to traditional fertilizers Reduce the need for traditional fertilizers Reduce the overall cost of the crop. Reduce plant shock

However, there are some disadvantages too. In this article, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of using organic fertilizers so you are aware of the reasons why we may occasionally opt to use a synthetic fertilizer. Advantages of using organic fertilizers. Balances the soil ecosystem; Boosts plant health naturally; They’re all

Benefits of Bio Organic Fertilizer: Fertilizer promotes the development of agriculture. Excessive use of chemical fertilizer in agriculture not only resulted in a large number of environmental problems but also caused serious soil compaction and soil fertility decline.


Bio fertilizer is a misnomer for bio-inoculants and introduced as supplementary to chemical/ organic fertilizers during energy crisis of 70s. Organic fertilizers are also known as manures of

Raw materials for producing bio organic fertilizer. Decomposed chicken manure (or pig manure, sheep manure and other animal manure) compost, cake fertilizer Microbial agent Inorganic fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate, calcium superphosphate, potassium chloride and urea . Advantages

Improve soiland fertilize the land; After the organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, the organic matter can effectively improve the soil physiochemical properties & biological characteristics, and cultivate the soil, thus enhancing the capacity of providing and retaining fertilizer, and creating good soil conditions for the growth of the crop.

But today, Nano technology in bio organic fertilizer has been developed with the collaboration of foreign countries like Israel and started using in 14 states of India. Using Bio organic fertilizers will have 50 p.c. cost effective and 20 p.c. yield effective other than

This isn’t just a healthy dose of the usual NPK for your garden. Down-To-Earth® Bio-Live Fertilizer combines a special mix of plant nutrition with beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi to make sure your plants are covered from leaf tip to root hair. Available in a 5-lb. box. Organic fertilizers, far from being purified and simplified chemicals, are complex compounds that add numerous

Properties of organic fertilizer 2019/10/17 We all known that producing the organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing process ,but why we produce the organic fertilizer granulator?In this article we will share more about the properties of the organic fertilizer and the advantages of the organic fertilizer granulator.

The carefully balanced combination of nutrients reduces workloads and the need for additional fertilizers . Fungus in the soil can affect the health of plants by attacking the root systems. Let us understand the benefits of mixed application of chemical fertilizers and bio-organic fertilizers . flowers), you can select a special formulation.

Starting a bio organic fertilizer production line, here are the biofertilizer production processes you should know. We know bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of green and nutrient-rich compound microbial fertilizer, which is produced by the mixed fermentation of

Bio Organic Fertilizer. They have various advantages over Biography Organic fertilizers, which include the following: Non-toxic Food: On-Farm Production: The majority of Bio organic fertilizers could be readied in your area or on the farm itself. Thus, the cost of these fertilizers is a lot less than the cost of chemical fertilizers.

The advantages of bio-organic compound fertilizers are obvious. Chang Yizhi believes that although bio-organic compound fertilizer has many significant advantages, due to the relatively high price, the promotion of bio-organic compound fertilizer is not enough.

Bio-fertilizers: Types and Importance of Bio-fertilizers! Chemical fertilizers are being used in increasing amounts in order to increase output in high yielding varieties of crop plants. However, chemical fertilizers cause pollution of water bodies as well as ground water, besides getting stored in crop plants.

The new compound fertilizer granulator equipment utilizes the mechanical stirring force of high-speed rotation and the aerodynamic force generated thereby, so that the fine powder material can be continuously mixed, granulated, spheroidized and compacted in the machine. The compound fertilizer granules produced by the new compound fertilizer granulator have a spherical shape with a sphericity

Fertilizers such as DAP, Urea and CAN tend to lower the soil pH, which causes acidity and leaching of essential nutrients from the soil; any crop planted in such soil cannot do well. The best solution for farmers in such situations is to switch to organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers have many benefits for

The price of bio organic fertilizers is only half of the price of chemical fertilizers per acre and yield production is also increased 20 pc. For example- Atharav bio organic agricure product of AN84 liquid is costing only about Rs 200 per 180 ml. per acre is equivalent to 3 bags of Urea (150kg) per acre and govt. subsidised price of urea per

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