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Uniformly Break Calcium Cyanamide Fertilizer Shredder

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Calcium Cyanamide is a chemical compound used in industrial agricultural fertilizers. The fertilizer calcium cyanamide helps plants to reach high yields, thus maximizing profits for farmers.

Albert Frank recognized the fundamental importance of this reaction as a breakthrough in the provision of ammonia from atmospheric nitrogen and in 1901 recommended calcium cyanamide as a nitrogen fertilizer. Between 1908 and 1919, five calcium cyanamide plants with a total capacity of 500,000 tonnes per year were set up in Germany.

Chemical formula: CaCN₂

N-Arylcyanamides can be prepared from cyanamide and an aryl group bearing a substituent which readily undergoes nucleophilic displacement.For example, a trialkylammoniumtriazine will react with calcium cyanamide to give the corresponding cyanamidotriazine (Equation (82)) < 80CA(93)95215 >. Similarly, treatment of a 2-methanesulfonylpyrimidine with cyanamide and potassium carbonate affords a 2


A formulation of calcium cyanamide in the diet was not found to be carcinogenic in a two-year National Toxicology Program study in rats or mice. (4) Physical Properties The chemical formula for calcium cyanamide is CCaN 2, and its molecular weight is 80.11 g/mol. (5) Commercial grades of calcium cyanamide occur as grayish-black lumps of powder.

Calcium Cyanamide Perlka (1000) 25kg . Item no Perlka means even and long-term availability of nitrogen and well-available calcium. A further advantage of cynamide nitrogen is the side effect, such as soil cleansing action, among other things, against needles, snails and enamel. Nitrogen spillage is almost excluded by the unique form of


Calcium cyanamide manufacture Limestone, coal and atmospheric nitrogen are the natural raw materials from which calcium cyanamide is manufactured. Regular investment and constant improvement of the production process ensures a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly manufacture of

Dec 12, 2018· Calcium Cyanamide What It Is. It is a fertilizer used in conventional agriculture with a high content of nitrogen , with gradual release. The calcium cyanamide is found in granules or in powder form and is used only as a background fertilizer, so during the preparation of the soil . Using it during cultivation would risk damaging the plants.


calcium cyanamide as fertiliser is not recommended by the SCHER. To reduce the risk to the aquatic compartment to a RCR < 1, the most common application rate of calcium cyanamide needs to be lowered by a factor of 56. Similarly the . Potential risks to human health and the environment from the use of calcium cyanamide as fertiliser

Nov 25, 2016· Making calcium cyanamide via pyrolysis of calcium cyanurate at high temperature. firstly we made calcium cyanurate using pool stabilizer cyanuric acid in a large solution nad added sodium

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----- EPA Compendium of Registered Pesticides, Vol. II Fungicides and Nematicides Issued: 12-1-74 Part I, Page P-10-00.08 Replaces page issued 4-1-74 PCNB Dollar spot, leaf spots, rust 0.39 to 0.91 pounds as granules or 4.9 pounds as granules in fertilizer/1000 square feet as a preventive in spring or fall of each year, or as a control, apply

----- 11.4 Calcium Carbide Manufacturing 11.4.1 General Calcium carbide (CaC^ is manufactured by heating a lime and carbon mixture to 2000 to 2100°C (3632 to 3812°F) in an electric arc furnace.

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